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The Cold Crush Brothers are an American hip hop group that formed in 1978 in the South Bronx, New York City. They were especially known for their memorable routines which included harmonies, melodies and stage-stomping performances. The Cold Crush Brothers still perform across the United States and abroad .


Our Story

The Cold Crush Brothers are a legendary pioneering Hip-Hop group from the birthplace of Hip-Hop, The Boogie down Bronx.  The Cold Crush Brothers was founded in 1978 by The Original D.J. Tony Tone. The Cold Crush Brothers consent of Supreme Easy A.D. who is a founding members D.J. Tony Tone D.J. Charlie Chase, Almighty Kay–Gee, Jerry D. Lewis, Grand Master Caz. 

The Cold Crush Brothers became known for their live stage stomping performances, elaborate vocal routines which featured melody and harmony never heard before in the Hip Hop Culture. The Cold Crush Brothers Live performances, Became so Legendary that they was given the name by the people The Legendary Cold Crush Brothers. Which they still wear with respect and honor.

The Cold Crush Brothers was packing shows every night and was reaching Hip Hop supremacy. That’s when they enter into one the first group battle in Hip Hop History. The Cold Crush Brothers began to attract, many groups would try to battle them to gain street credibility and for Hip Hop supremacy. This would lead to a fierce and well known rivalry with The Fantastic Five, culminating in a lyrical battle between the groups on July 3, 1981. The Battle took place at Harlem World Entertainment Complex in Harlem, the grand prize was $1000 cash winner take all. The Fantastic 5 won the battle but the cold crush won the war.

The battle between Cold Crush and Fantastic live performances were also documented in the form of cassette tapes which circulated throughout the city then state to state soon after the world.  The Cold Crush Brothers toured all five boroughs of New York City and as far as Boston before commercially releasing records. Their popularity was strengthened by the sales of their live performances that were recorded on cassette by tapes. their infamous rap battle between  The Cold Crush and Fantastic Five in 1981 was captured on tape and remains one of the pivotal events in Hip-Hop's early history. The Cold Crush Brothers live performances, tight routines, choreography, influence and longevity got them tagged as the "Rolling Stones of Hip-Hop".  The group was also featured in the first movie made about Hip-Hop, Charlie Ahearn's "Wild style 1982.

The Cold Crush Brothers live performances/shows were taped and distributed worldwide via word-of-mouth promotion and mailed out to people everywhere including men and women serving in the armed forces around the world. The Cold Crush Brothers were featured in the 1982 movie Wild Style, the seminal work depicting Hip Hop Culture. In the movie, the Cold Crush Brothers featured in a number of scenes, the most notable being the Cold Crush Brothers' face off against their nemesis, the Fantastic Five in the classic basketball court scene. The other scene was the Battle at the Dixie Club where the brothers flex their emceeing / rap muscle, once again showing their prowess in the hip hop/rap genre. A year after the movie was released, the Cold Crush Brothers took hip hop abroad with tour dates in Japan and Europe.

The Cold Crush Brother also had their very good friend and personnel Photographer joe conoz who was allow to go with them and photograph and document the Cold Crush Brothers History along the way. 



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